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Camp 4 Outdoors is a small group of passionate outdoor enthusiasts whose mission is to develop innovative products for fellow outdoor enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to create innovative and exciting new products. The Bearier 700 is our first product, but expect more of the same high quality and innovative designs in future products.


How much food can the Bearier hold?

Though the final production volume is still under wraps, the Bearier 700 will have a usable internal volume of about 700 cubic inches. A general rule of thumb is 100 cubic inches per day, which gives the Bearier 700 enough volume for 7 days on the trail. The optional GrubHub will expand this volume by 300 cubic inches. And since the entire system is completely modular, you can stack as many GrubHub's as you'd like to increase the volume indefinitely.

How much does it weigh?

While exact the weight of our production units is still a secret, we anticipate the Bearier to weigh less than 2 pounds. This low weight is due to our unique spherical shape, which results in a superb surface area (and thus material) to volume ratio while providing excellent structural strength.

What color is it?

The production models will be a translucent dark red or orange, much like a Nalgene. 

How big is the Bearier?

The Bearier is approximately 10.25 inches in diameter and 11.5 inches tall, with an 8+ inch opening. The top and bottom also have a flat surface that allows it to stand upright.

Is the Bearier 700 certified and approved for usage in all national parks?

The Bearier 700 was designed specifically to pass all testing standards set forth by the IGBC, currently the only certifying agency in the country. We've been in communication with the actual testers at the IGBC since we started development and have designed the Bearier specifically to pass every single aspect of their testing program. The Bearier will be 100% approved before being released to market. We've been in contact with various park agencies (including Sierra/Yosemite) to help ensure universal approval.

Do I really need a bear resistant food storage container?

Each land management area makes decisions on whether or not bear canisters are required. As a responsible practice, proper food storage should always occur wherever bears live. The safest method to protect the bears from your food and your food from the bears is to always use a bear resistant food storage container like the Bearier 700.

Is it difficult to pack food inside the Bearier?

Each half of the Bearier has its own drawstring closure that ensures your food won't fall out. As far as difficulty cramming in food, it's quite easy to compress the two halves together if overloaded, as you can just push down on the top half as hard as necessary to get it closed. The two halves lock together after about two degrees of rotation, so it's easy to lock once you get past the initial engagement.

Is the Bearier easy to pack inside/outside my backpack?

Each half of the Bearier has its own integrated straps, so you're able to strap each dome half to your pack individually. We did this because it allows more versatile packing solutions. Additionally, should you want to put it in your pack, the opening of each dome can be placed flat against your back, eliminating the spine pain caused by the round surface of other units. If you'd like to attach the assembled Bearier to the outside of your pack, each half has external holes that allow you to attach cord for strapping or tree hanging. If you'd like to keep the Bearier assembled inside your pack, the locking mechanism contains external guards to prevent the lock springs from rubbing on the contents of your pack. All of these features exist on the GrubHub as well.

Can the Bearier be used as a chair?

While the Bearier can be used as a chair (it has flat surfaces on the top and bottom), you're right that it isn't as comfortable as a conventional cylindrical canister. Can't win em all ;) That said, with all the weight you're saving you could just carry a lightweight camping chair.

Is the Bearier 700 strong?

You bet! The shape of the Bearier is optimized to maximize strength while retaining the lowest possible weight. We use a custom polycarbonate blend, one of the toughest plastic materials available. The Bearier was designed using sophisticated stress analysis software to handle impact forces exceeding 2500 pounds. This assures that you will have an extremely durable product that will last a lifetime.

How easy is it to open?

Unlike most bear canisters, the Bearier has a tool-free locking mechanism. No more hunting for a coin or pocketknife! The Bearier contains two separate locks that must be pushed in opposite directions at the same time while rotating the domes. Each lock also contains two stops that must be circumvented - the whole system was designed specifically to avoid accidental opening while being tossed around. The entire system can be opened by a person in under a second.

Is the lock spring durable? Will it work at low temperatures?

The locking mechanism is a single piece of laser-cut 1095 spring steel riveted to the internal ring. It's designed to flex well within the elastic region of the material, and will operate without issue at all temperatures. The Bearier also features a small spring guard on the outside of the dome to prevent the spring lock from rubbing against things inside your pack. Should the spring lock fail for any reason (under normal usage), we will repair it free of charge.

Will the Bearier work in sub-freezing environments?

Yes! The Bearier uses a custom polycarbonate blend that's formulated to retain ductility at low temperatures.

When will the Bearier be available?

We hope to start shipping sometime in May. If you'd like to receive one of the first units, please contact us to be placed on our pre-order list.

How much will it cost?

The Bearier 700 will have an MSRP of $109.95, and the GrubHub will have an MSRP of around $50-60.

Will you be offering special deals for educational programs or instructional/guiding services?

Absolutely! Please email us for more information.

Will you be offering a pro deal purchasing program for industry professionals?

You bet! Please email us for more information.

It's such a cool design. Is it patented?

Hopefully it will be soon. Currently it has a status of patent pending.

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