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The Bearier 700 (patent pending) is the most advanced bear canister on the market today. Finally you can have a bear canister that is lighter, easier to use, easier to pack, and expandable.  It weighs less than 2 pounds and has the largest opening out of any bear canister available.  The Bearier 700 offers tool-free access for convenience and a split twin-dome design for packability and expandability.

No more hunting for a coin or Swiss army knife!

- patent pending -


700 cubic inches

Splits in half to share the load with a friend



Bearier 700 FAQ

Ways to use the Bearier 700

Share the load!
You can take one dome and a friend can take the other; then join the two halves together at camp.

Organize your food!
Put your dinner in one dome and your lunch in the other OR put your fragrant toiletries in one dome and your food in the other. You get the idea.

Free up some pack space!
When food supplies begin to dwindle and you are carrying both halves of the Bearier 700 you can save on bulk. Consider placing all remaining food into one dome and then leaving the other one empty and detached from the other. This way you can pack other things into the empty dome rather than having it take up empty space.

Why It's The Best:

The Bearier 700 is the lightest in it's class, weighing less than 2 lbs. This is less weight for more volume than even the most expensive of our competitors' models.

Our tool-free twin spring lock is quadruple redundant, yet can be opened by a hungry hiker in seconds. It's an engineeracle!

The Bearier is made from a custom blend of polycarbonate - the same material bullet-proof glass is made out of.

Each half of the Bearier has its own drawstring closure that ensures your food doesn't fall out. Each dome half also contains two integrated straps, allowing you to strap the individual domes to your pack in whatever configuration best suits your packing situation. If you'd like to pack the Bearier inside your pack, the flat surface of each dome can be placed flat against your back, eliminating painful rounded surfaces against your spine. All of these features exist on the GrubHub too! The assembled Bearier can also be packed in the sleeping bag compartment of most packs!

Its semi-spherical shape utilizes inherent geometric advantages to minimize weight and maximize strength - the Bearier is designed to absorb peak forces exceeding 2500 lbs! The flat top and bottom mean it wont roll around camp, and you can still sit on it!

Want to spend some extra time on the trail? By combining the Bearier 700 with our optional GrubHub (coming soon!), you can increase your carrying capacity to 10 hiker-days.

Going ultralight? You can use the domes as food bowls! Are you the type of super-ultralighter that cuts the tags out of your clothing? You can even remove the fabric drawstring and lash straps to save precious grams.

Tired of awkwardly-packed dinner bowls? Our DinnerDome (coming soon!) nests perfectly flush with the inside of the Bearier 700, saving you precious pack space without sacrificing storage capacity.

bear canister comparison

The Grub Hub
The premeir light weight affordable animal resistant backpackers canister.
Need more capacity?  There’s no need to purchase two bear canisters when you can simply expand what you already have. The Grub Hub takes the capacity of the Bearier 700 and expands it another 300 cubic inches for up to 10 hiker days.  Another nice thing about the Grub Hub is that you can detach it when your food supply decreases.  This way, you only pack out an open ring (the Grub Hub) rather than a large empty hollow canister.